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COVID-Safe DC Monument Walk for Families

You’ve baked all the bread, gone to all the drive-thru’s and watched Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. You even figured out Apple TV. So for DC, Virginia and Maryland families looking for a COVID-safe activity, we’re sharing a COVID-Safe DC Monument Walk for Families; a kid-friendly tour of some of Washington DC’s amazing outdoor monuments and memorials. This walk takes about 2 hours and is 2 miles long, but your mileage may vary (literally!) depending on the time you take at each location or if you spend extra time in any of the wide open fields! 

For your GPS, the easiest public parking is at: 455 Rock Creek Trail. There’s lots of spaces and you’ll be right next to the Potomac River, which is a fun start for the kids after being in the car.

Here’s the family friendly route we took:

1. Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial -Most people naturally think of the Stone of Hope statue when they think of this Memorial, but the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial actually encompasses another 4 acres.

2. Korean War Veterans Memorial – The 19 stainless steel statues representing the service members who fought in the Korean War are a memorable part of this memorial.

3. Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool – No tour of the monuments is complete without an up close view of the iconic tribute to President Lincoln and the Reflecting Pool.

4. Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Three Soldiers are right before The Wall, as is the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. Both are smaller but worth seeing for sure.  If you’d like a little side trip, visit the Albert Einstein Memorial at 2101 Constitution Ave. It’s in the opposite direction, but is only a 2 minute walk from The Wall and it’s very easy to get back to the original route.

5. Constitution Gardens – This is one of the lesser known park areas but is very scenic and has a little island on the park area. The island is a Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence. You can easily see it but it may be closed due to coronavirus safety restrictions. 

6. World War II Memorial – Gentle reminder to little ones that this is an actual Memorial because it might be tempting to splash in the pools or run around.

7. Ash Woods, also known as the District of Columbia War Memorial to honor DC residents who served in World War I.

8. Back to the car for a picnic on the Potomac! Bonus that you’re bound to see lots of low flying helicopters and maybe a few planes taking off. 

You may notice we haven’t included the Washington Monument. Don’t worry you’ll be able to run to it from the WWII Memorial and you’ll see it very easily for most of the walk. As for restrooms, the public buildings are closed but there are plenty of port-a-potties along the route. As of this writing, masks and social distancing are required. We hope this helps your lockdown to be a little easier. Any tips we should know? Let us know on Twitter!

3 Free Nights of Overnight Newborn Care!

It’s our 10 year anniversary here in Washington DC and to celebrate we’re giving away 3 Nights of Sleep through our non-profit, Mission: Sleep.  Usually Mission: Sleep provides free, overnight care to military and first responders whose babies arrive when a parent is deployed, wounded or deceased. This year we’re including frontline workers! We want to say THANK YOU to all who keep us safe and healthy…especially during the coronavirus crisis. 

Mission: Sleep is the non-profit arm of Let Mommy Sleep and has been operating since 2013, with formal endorsements by then-Governor Tim Kaine (VA-D) and Delegate Richard Anderson (R-VA). Our wonderful grant partners include Giving Joy, the Ft. Belvoir Officers’ Spouses Club and 100 Women Who Care.  Hear from one of our real life moms on ABC7!  

If you know a doctor, nurse, grocery store staff member, military, police, firefighter or EMS worker who’s expecting or has a new baby in the DC area, nominate them now! Voting will begin Sept 7 (LABOR DAY OF COURSE) and the winner will be announced Sept 14.  Free, overnight newborn care will be provided by a Let Mommy Sleep team member. Let Mommy Sleep is following strict COVID19 protocols and requires nurses and caregivers to have all vaccinations and certificates for safe sleep, newborn and postpartum care. 

Nominate a deserving parent now!

Donate here:

How to Wear and Care for Your Mask

Masks are effective at preventing the spread of covid19 and other airborne illnesses when worn and stored properly. Know how to wear and care for your mask to stay safe:

how to wear and care for your mask
How to Wear and Care for Your Mask

When should I wear a mask? 

Wear a mask anytime you’re in an indoor public space and outdoors if you can’t stay 6ft away from others not in your household.

When can I *not* wear my mask? 

  • When in your home, provided everyone is covid-negative
  • Outdoors as long as a 6ft. distance is maintained from persons not in your household
  • In your car alone or with those you live with
  • when eating a drinking
  • engaged in strenuous activity where your mask impedes breathing
  • when in labor and giving birth!
  • kids 2 and under should not wear masks

How do I actually use my mask?

  1. Before you put on a mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer can be used if handwashing isn’t possible. When you pick up your mask, touch the sides/portion that goes around yours ears or head…not the middle. 
  2. If you’re wearing a surgical mask,note that they have a top and bottom and the top has a wire which should be pressed to form around the bridge of your nose. The same goes for commercial masks with wire on top, be sure the wire is shaped around your nose. 
  3. Never touch the inside of your mask! Once you do, that mask has been contaminated and is no longer safe to use.  
  4. Remove the mask by touching only the sides/portion that touched your ears or the back of your head. 
  5. Wash and sanitize your hands again.
  6. Remember that your mask must cover your nose. If it’s worn below the nose it’s useless.

How do I take care of my mask?

Surgical masks:(the light blue/green ones)

  • meant for single use only. They are not made for multiple uses. If you must reuse it, use your clean hands to fold it so that the outside portion is exposed, and the inside is protected.
  • If someone coughs or sneezes around you, or you are around someone who is sick, you MUST throw away your mask. This mask is now breeding bacteria between uses. 
  • If your mask gets wet, you must throw it away, it is no longer safe to use. 

Cloth masks:

  • should be washed after EVERY use.
  • Do not put a cloth mask back on if it becomes damp or wet.
  • Do not wear it if you’ve been around a sick person prior to washing it.
  • There are many different cloth masks, but comfort and fit should be considered the most important things, since keeping the mask on and properly fitted helps keep you safe. 
  • Remember that the gaiter type of face covering may not be useful.
  • Use a filter in your cloth mask if available. Many commercial masks are sold with filters but you can also use coffee filters or paper towels. These should be thrown away after each use. 

This blog was written by the Nurses of Let Mommy Sleep and Infection Control Specialist Laura Hegarty-Moore, RN PHS. If you have any questions about masks, let us know on Instagram or Facebook.