The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

COVID19 and Newborn Care Best Practices

COVID19 and Newborn Care Best Practices for our Night Nurses and Postpartum Caregivers working in the family home have been updated as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. Vaccinations are now widely available and covid19 testing easily accessible, so we’re able to service more families while still remaining vigilant with safety. Below is a breakdown of our […]

Maternal Health Advocacy: If We Can Do it, You Can Do It!

Updated October 28, 2022: Maternal Health Advocacy: If We Can Do it, You Can Do It! details ways that any of us can stand up for sensible postpartum care. Below is the latest on national legislation, as well as groups you can support if you wish! What’s Going on with Legislating Paid Leave? Four weeks […]

Newborn and Postpartum Care Credential Now Available!

The Newborn & Postpartum Care Credential is NOW AVAILABLE in Virginia!  If you are a CNA and would like to stack the Newborn and Postpartum Care credential onto your license, you can do so by attending class on Jan 22 or March 12, 2022. Register here! Fairfax Co. Virginia is now offering Newborn & Postpartum […]

CEO Denise Stern’s Reddit AMA Tuesday 12/13

Reddit AMA (AskMeAnything) CEO Denise Stern is on Reddit this Tuesday (12/13) answering your questions about small business, what it’s like to build a franchise… and sleep of course!

More Sleep Hacks on Good Morning Washington

More Sleep Hacks on Good Morning Washington. We shared our top #SleepHacks on on ABC7! This Wednesday, 9/28 join expert NCP Liz Hawkes on Good Morning Washington. She’ll discuss the difference between Baby Blues & PPD. Blue light blocking screens, meditation, white noise machines and healthy eating help you got to sleep quicker and stay […]