The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Should I Host an Au Pair?

Considering an au pair? Read these common questions and answers in Should I host an au pair to see if this international nanny option is right for your family. Thinking about live-in child care? Read our common questions and answers for families considering an au pair.  How does the process work? First, you should register […]

Self Care Plan for Moms & Caregivers

As a counselor to new mothers and caregivers, Christina M. Schultz, MA, Resident in Counseling of New Directions Counseling Group has seen many women experience, “caregiver burnout” or complete fatigue, exhaustion, depression, resentment, loss of identity, and sense of low self-worth.  To help those who may be at risk of burnout, Schultz has created this Self Care Plan […]

Tummy Time Troubles Solved

updated, Sept 15 2023 – Parents often hear about the importance of tummy time, yet overwhelmingly report their babies don’t want to do it! Tummy Time Troubles Solved has tips to help baby enjoy tummy time. Why Does Your Newborn Need Tummy Time? Newborns and infants often seem uncomfortable with being placed on their bellies […]

We’re one of Forbes Best Shark Tank Rejects!

Updated March 2, 2022- Yes it’s true…we’re one of Forbes Best Shark Tank Rejects! This weekend Forbes featured “16 Entrepreneurs on the Rise Rejected by Shark Tank.” As a small business you just have to apply to be on this powerhouse of a show. The chances of actually getting on though are less than getting […]

Let Mommy Sleep Attends The White House Summit on Working Families

Our CEO Denise Stern was selected to attend the elite White House Summit on Working Families on June 23, 2014.  Key issues discussed at the summit were workplace flexibility, equal pay, childcare, leave, early childhood education and the need to for this country to help families meet their work and home obligations. This blog, Let […]