The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Meet Erin Thomas Walker

Meet Erin Thomas Walker, a successful business owner, resident of Elmhurst, IL and mother of 3. Erin’s compassion and understanding of working families keeps her connected to LMS families. Since Erin opened Let Mommy Sleep Chicago in 2020, she’s had another baby girl! Below is a short bio, and you can read more about Erin’s commitment -and how she began her business DURING the pandemic!- in Thrive magazine.

As a mother of a toddler and infant with no family close by, Erin has a deep understanding of the need for trusted infant childcare. What started as a search for options to help her own family, turned into a passion. Now her franchise allows her to share knowledge and support postpartum families. She also has a knack for hiring only excellent caregivers. As MM in St. Charles said: Regina was fantastic and extremely qualified. We’re so grateful to her and Let Mommy Sleep.

Along with her experience as a parent, Erin’s background in high level banking and real estate investment gives her the organizational skills and energy to spin all the plates! As the Chicagoland Owner and Agency Director of Let Mommy Sleep, Erin is used to handling flexible schedules. This is inherent to newborn care and postpartum doula work. Erin also truly enjoys supporting new parents, who like their babies, have also just been born.  As Erin says, “When you do what you love, they say you never work a day in your life!” 

Here are some of the things Erin likes to do with her own kids in And here’s a quick snapshot of her life…

Meet Erin Thomas Walker

This morning I woke up to a loud, “Yeaaah!”

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was 6:45am. This is way too early, I thought as I glanced at the monitor, assuming to see a baby happily awakened from his slumber. Oh crap! There was no baby! I jumped out of the bed and raced down two flights of stairs to where the Yeeeahhh alarm originated.

I was moving so fast that I lost my balance and slipped down the last stair, falling through the baby gate. Carter my 3 year old, startled by my entrance, screamed and slipped off the trampoline as I landed hard on the playroom floor. That’s when I realized that this little boy escaped from his room, hopped ALL of the baby gates, and threw himself a dang on baby party!  The TV and the lights were on, the couch pillows were on the floor, the toys were scattered about, even the toilet seat was up (lort!).

‘My back hurts’, I thought to myself. It was only 6:45 in the morning.

Connect with the Erin on Instagram…she’d love the adult conversation. For overnight care services you can reach out here. You can catch Erin and her kiddos anywhere from Glenview, Fulton Market, Bucktown, Logan Square, Glenco, and even Hoffman Estates.

Meet Erin Thomas Walker of LMS Night Nannies and Newborn Caregivers
Meet Erin