The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Infant Sleep Schedule for a 7-9 Month Old

The Infant Sleep Schedule for a 7-9 Month Old is almost the same as the routine for a 6-7 month old. There’s one big difference – in months 7 and 8, babies typically drop that third daytime nap in the 4:00 hour. You can expect some inconsistency while the later nap disappears- sometimes it will happen, sometimes it won’t. Don’t let this inconsistency bother you, it’s really “practice” for baby staying awake longer and consolidating into 2 predictable naps! When baby gets the all clear from the pediatrician you can then move on to our step-by-step instructions of How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night!

Infant Sleep Schedule for a 7-9 Month Old

Infant Sleep Schedule for a 7-9 Month Old
Baby Sleep Schedule for 7-9 Month Old

More Sample Schedules:

Our sleep schedules have been written under the direction of Registered Nurses and using the excellent advice from one of the original sleep coaches, The Baby Whisperer, Tracey Hogg. If you’d like to learn more about infant sleep, we also recommend The Good Sleeper, by Dr. Janet Krone Kennedy. This research-based book teaches the basics of sleep science and provides tools to solve sleep problems.

As always, the above is just an example. We don’t advocate any specific sleep methods and will cheer you whatever you choose as long as it’s safe of course! There are lots of experts out there but don’t forget that you are the expert on your baby. These schedules are another tool for parents who are looking for support, so we want to provide those evidence-based tools.