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Selling Your Home with Babies and Kids

Are you thinking about selling your home with young children in tow?  Award-winning realtor and mother of two, Kamber Petty shares her favorite tips to make the process a little less stressful in Selling Your Home with Babies and Kids. Updated for 2022!

Selling Your Home with Babies and Kids
Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home with Babies and Kids

Yes it’s true that the real estate market is hot, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful…especially for parents with young children! These tips can help:

·  Obtain an agent that fits your style.  You need an agent that understands your current situation. Parents of young children need to find a realtor that recognizes that a short and to the point email or text is often the best way to communicate.  An agent is there to serve you, and you need to find one that best serves your family’s needs.

· Set up a plan. Before the home goes on the market, decide on the steps you are going to take to keep the home presentable. How you will handle showings, and secure pets for example.

·  Remember that kids come with lots toys and accessories. Aim to pack up about half of the toys to put in storage.  You were going to have to pack them up when you move anyway, so why not do it now? The kids won’t miss the toys, and it makes tiding up before home showings a lot easier. Plus, the kids will enjoy opening up the boxes when it’s time. 

·  Infants come with lots of gear too!  Buyers are not going to think less of you if there are bassinets, play mats and swings around. Most of the baby gear on the market today can be folded up for easy storage anyway. So as long as they are not blocking walkways or making a room feel cluttered, it’s okay to leave gear out.

·  Scheduled Showings:  Make sure agents can schedule online to see the home. The Listing Agent can set up the showings to give you a 4, 2 or 1-hour notice so you don’t have to scramble to get the home ready.  Create a place to put away items quickly, so that showings can be done on short notice. Even kids as young as toddlers can help pick-up toys to put in a big basket in a family room before an agent arrives with prospective homebuyers. Get the kids involved for sure!

About the Author:

Kamber Petty is a mom to two very active boys and a successful Realtor. Kamber has garnered the NVAR Top Producing Club, Platinum Member Award. She is also the owner of KHS Homes Group powered by Pearson Smith Realty. When you can’t find her showing homes or meeting clients, you can find her on the baseball field with her two middle school boys.  

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