The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Chicago’s Most Trusted Postpartum Doula Certificate Now Available

updated, April 17, 2024 – Chicago’s Most Trusted Postpartum Doula Certificate Now Available shares the basics of our evidence based newborn care education. Successful completion of the Newborn and Postpartum Support (NAPS) curriculum also means students get listed on the national NAPS Registry.

Chicago’s Most Trusted Postpartum Doula Certificate Now Available – Online Options

Virtual newborn care and breastfeeding classes are hosted at Teachable. They include a quiz after each module so night nannies and postpartum doulas can be sure they have mastered the most up to date care and safety protocols. Additionally they are routinely updated as safe sleep and other newborn and postpartum care recommendations become available. This class is the online version of the material awarded local government contract #2000001276. Let Mommy Sleep is also a proud Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep partner.

Online Newborn Care Class – $199

Table of Contents excerpt:

  •  Baby’s Appearance, Breathing, Cord Care & Circumcision Care
  •  How to Use a Bulb Syringe (0:39)
  • Swaddling a Baby – 2 techniques
  • Soothing Techniques
  • Physical Recovery from Childbirth
  • Postpartum Depression Facts for BOTH Parents
  • and more

Breastfeeding Basics Class – $100

Breastfeeding Basics excerpt:

  • How is Milk Made? 
  • Phases of Breastmilk
  • How Much Milk Does Baby Need?
  • How can we support breastfeeding in the home?
  • Troubleshooting common breastfeeding issues
  • and more

Online Sleep Training Class- $39

Online Sleep Training Class Table of Contents:

  • Sleep Training: Managing Expectations so that you and your baby can be calm
  • Infant Development & Sleep
  • Safe Sleep and Minimizing the Risk of SIDS
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Helping Baby Sleep Through the Night
  • Sleep Schedules by age, in addition to acheiving those schedules
  • Troubleshooting Infant Sleep
Chicago's Most Trusted Postpartum Doula Certificate Now Available

Chicago’s Most Trusted Postpartum Doula Certificate Now Available – In-Home Options

In Home Class- $100 per hour

Chicago area parents can contact us anytime for personal and in home classes too. We serve everywhere Riverwood to Arlington Heights, from Streeterville to Northbrook, Downers Grove and beyond. In-person classes for parents are taught by our Night Nurses (RN) and veteran Postpartum Doulas. You’ll learn safe sleep, the basics of infant CPR and emergency care, how to swaddle, how to diaper, how to know if your newborn is feeding well and much more.

This place is a godsend for parents. Erin is very responsive and quickly matched us with a night nanny, Elene, when our daughter was born. Elene was fantastic! Always available and genuinely enjoys what she does…(more)

RM- Lake Forest, IL

Your Baby Nurse will personally teach you and as many friends and family members as you wish and also remains on-call via text or phone. This ensures you are getting answers immediately and ongoing as you need them!

Nanny agencies and home health care organizations are also welcome to contact us! We have taught postpartum and newborn care to: Nanny Next Door, Muslim Nannies and more.

For Chicago based baby care experts and postpartum doulas who have already earned the newborn care certificate and wish to register with us, apply now.