The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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The Experts in Certified Newborn Care Now in San Antonio

Let Mommy Sleep San Antonio brings together two childhood friends and all the best they have to offer San Antonio’s expecting and new parents! Jasmin Brunnelson and Jane Bolalin met in middle school art class in 1990, when they both laughed hysterically over a joke. Now this bond and their individual skills come together to help babies and their parents! This blog, The Experts in Certified Newborn Care Now in San Antonio tells their story.

The Experts in Certified Newborn Care Now in San Antonio have known each other for years!

The Experts in Certified Newborn Care Now in San Antonio – Meet the Owners

Jasmin Brunnelson is the co-owner who onboards experienced and devoted certified newborn caregivers. Jasmin personally connects with each person, ensuring that every night nanny and baby nurse (RN) holds the same values as LMS. We know the newborn and infant phase is fleeting and postpartum recovery can be difficult. Therefore our ultimate goal is to support parents and their babies with non-judgmental, evidence-based care.

Jasmin began her Let Mommy Sleep journey as a certified newborn caregiver, specializing in lactation support in 2013. She moved to the front office in 2014, subsequently becoming an owner of the flagship LMS in Washington DC! She and Jane are now creating the same resource of Infant and Postpartum Support for the San Antonio community.

Jane is the co-owner and case manager with over 23 years of teaching and education experience. Jane loved being a classroom teacher especially relishing her role as an academic interventionist. In fact, her skills translate perfectly to the beautiful partnerships we strive to have with newborn care providers and parents. As Jane says, Communication, early intervention and supporting solutions that work for each individual family are core education values.

Additionally, Jane is married to a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) Derek, who is a crucial part of the night nanny and postpartum doula recruitment process.

Who are Night Nurses and Postpartum Doulas?

San Antonio joins 2 other Texas franchise locations in Dallas and Houston. It’s the 14th franchise in the Let Mommy Sleep system. All of our certified newborn care providers, baby nurses (RN) and postpartum doulas take the same nationally recognized training. This means they’ve received evidence-based newborn and postpartum support (NAPS) certification as well as safe-sleep, breastfeeding and first aid and CPR certs. All education is vetted and approved by a third party medical advisory board.

Last but not least, Jasmin is a mom of 2 boys and Jane is a mother of 3. While you don’t have to be a parent to understand the importance of sleep and safety, both owners often call on their personal memories to serve new families. Peace of mind and experience create those trusted connections with our families…and your babies.

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