The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Sleep Deprivation and Postpartum Depression: Proven Tips to Help

The link between sleep deprivation and postpartum depression has been proven over and over. According to the Sleep Research Society, women report “the highest levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms in early pregnancy and the lowest levels of social support.” Experiencing hormonal shifts is normal and expected after your newborn arrives but should be monitored. […]

More Sleep Hacks on Good Morning Washington

More Sleep Hacks on Good Morning Washington. We shared our top #SleepHacks on on ABC7! This Wednesday, 9/28 join expert NCP Liz Hawkes on Good Morning Washington. She’ll discuss the difference between Baby Blues & PPD. Blue light blocking screens, meditation, white noise machines and healthy eating help you got to sleep quicker and stay […]

Sleep Hacks: 4 Tips to Maximize New Parents’ Sleep

Is “sleep when the baby sleeps” a myth in your house? Here are our tips to maximize parents’ own amount of sleep in Sleep Hacks: 4 Tips to Maximize New Parents’ Sleep. For many new parents, one of the frustrating things about sleep is that we’re running on so much adrenaline that we can’t sleep when we’re […]