The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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So You’re Having Twins! Baby Care Class

How do I get my twins on the same feeding and sleep schedule? What if they cry at the same time?  Is it possible to feed my babies at the same time or should I stagger their feedings….what if I’m breastfeeding and don’t produce enough for both newborns? What do people mean when they talk about […]

Postpartum Support in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Facebook groups, meetup, places of worship and neighborhood message boards can help new parents find support but for moms and dads who may want more formal or specialized support, local resources for DC, Maryland and Virginia are here: Postpartum Mental Health Support: Perinatal Mood Disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy, with 1 in 7 […]