About Us:

Let Mommy Sleep has been providing nurturing, overnight care to newborns and evidence-based education to their parents since 2010. You can see some of our team in action here!

Locations: We started in Washington DC and have expanded to serve: Alexandria, VA, Bethesda, MD,  Charlottesville, Leesburg, Las Vegas, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and the Mainline, Boca Raton, Miami and Chicago.  Our goal is to continue to provide a nationally recognized standard of postpartum care.

Staff: Our Registered Nurses (RN) and Newborn Care Providers (NCP) support families with their single babies, twins and triplets and our role is to help parents feel confident and healthy in the family home using evidence-based practice. 

What makes you different than other agencies/postpartum doulas? 

  • We lean more clinical in our staffing, which means that our caregivers are licensed and accountable to their state's Board of Nursing. They have experience in area hospitals doing clinical rotations or ongoing work in Maternity and Postpartum floors.  We do make exceptions in hiring caregivers with an exceptional amount of real-life experience. In those cases caregivers have a minimum of: CPR/First Aide Certification, SIDS & Safe Sleep Certificate and our Newborn and Postpartum Care Certificate. 
  • We are also pro-vaccine with all updated immunizations including the flu shot and the COVID19 vaccination when available.

Let Mommy Sleep is the only agency in the country awarded a government contract to teach Newborn Care. Our courses are featured at the Fairfax County Adult Continuing Education (ACE) program, Babies R Us stores and other organizations nationwide.

We've taught newborn care to the staffs at Nurse Next Door, White House Nannies, Muslim Nannies and many more.  

Our non-profit, Mission: Sleep provides free care to military and first responders whose babies arrive when a parent is deployed, wounded or deceased.

Lastly, we are proud to contribute to local and national media as the recognized Industry Leaders in Newborn & Postpartum Care. You can see our work in What to Expect, the US Chamber of Commerce, NPR, FOXNews, The Harvard Business Journal and more