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What are Let Mommy Sleep's Postpartum Benefits? 

Postpartum benefits overwhelmingly help brand new parents and their babies to stay healthy, and show employees and recruits that their families are valued. Nursing support benefits also make financial sense. In a time where family leave solutions are part of the national conversation, this innovative solution provides real support to new parents.

The Postpartum & Newborn Care Benefit includes the following:

  •            Postpartum Home Visits by a Registered Nurse - An RN visits the family for 2 hours during the first week home with baby to provide evidence-based education and support with feeding, safety and mental health. Early intervention through Pospartum Visits has been proven over and over to increase maternal, paternal, child and family success.
  •             Overnight Newborn Care - Your company allots a set number of nights where employees receive overnight Newborn Care. Employees can then schedule these nights as needed, either after arriving home with baby or upon their return to the workplace.

Rich Oestreich, DC area CEO says in this TODAY feature: “It’s a win-win situation,” because it allows him to stand out as a company recruiting top talent and his “employees won’t be exhausted, so they’ll perform better at work."

How do these Benefits Work? 

It's very easy to customize and implement postpartum and newborn care benefits:

  1. Simply sign up below and we will customize a corporate care program that fits your company's goals.
  2. Your employee or company concierge contacts us to coordinate service times. 
  3. The company is billed directly after service occurs. As an independent vendor, Let Mommy Sleep handles all insurance and tax liabilities.

Signing up for the Corporate Care Program is easy. Simply complete the form below and we'll contact you to help create your custom account. 

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