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We are so thankful for Jeanette’s help! She started supporting us when our son was around 8 weeks old and my husband resumed his overnight work shift schedule. It was a relief to know she was able to be there the nights he couldn’t; enabling me to sleep and be well rested to watch our son the next day while my husband recovered from his call shift. Being so far away from family we couldn’t have made it the last two months without Jeanette’s assistance.

She is great with our son, always on time, and quick to respond about her availability. Cannot recommend her enough!

Kelcie, April 2021

March 4, 2021
Arlington, VA 
Kate was great. My twins really loved her.
I felt very comfortable leaving them with her while I slept. She did a wonderful job of soothing them when they were upset. Kate was always on time (generally a little early), and would do extra things to help out like folding baby laundry. And she got the girls some cute outfits as a gift around the holidays! -Mom of twins

Jan 27, 2021
Potomac, MD 

“ We absolutely LOVED the services provided by Let Mommy Sleep. In particular, we used Morgan for the first and second week home with James. 

Morgan was punctual, professional, organized, knowledgeable, and took such wonderful care of our little boy. We felt safe knowing Morgan was taking care of James and that he was in such great hands. Morgan was always willing to help. Morgan made our lives easier in adjusting to being home, and she always gave James the best care. Morgan used her nursing knowledge, combined with her experience to create a loving and safe environment for James. 

James had reflux, gas, and diaper rash and Morgan was attentive to how we cared and managed his symptoms. We were very particular in James’ care and Morgan was meticulous in making sure she followed through with every detail in James’ care plan. 

Morgan made sure I was comfortable while breastfeeding, and also ensured that my husband slept through the night so that he could help me during the day, as I was exclusively breastfeeding.

Lastly, on our last day with Morgan she left a very sweet bracelet for us to help remind me which breast to begin on when I breastfeed, as I was rotating each session. 

Morgan was a delight and anyone would be lucky to work with her! Our family was blessed be her presence and care. To us, she was James’ guardian angel.  

~ Camille & Kyle, Potomac MD” 

December 11th, 2020
Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Michelle F. was a wonderful Newborn Care Provider for our growing family.  Having been an NCP for over twenty years, Michelle has a vast knowledge of newborn care.  Michelle started with us when our first born was only two weeks old & stayed on for six-weeks total. Her level of care, compassion and kindness put us at ease after long days of caring for our newborn daughter.

She was always reliable, on-tme and worked around our different scheduling needs from week to week. We can not thank her enough for all that she did! We would highly recommend her for any newborn care your family may need.

First Time Parents, New Jersey

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending Sonia to us.

She has been so professional and loving to our son as we adjust to parenthood. My husband and I wanted to do something special for her on her last night... - 1st time Mom, DC, Oct 2020

Kate was invaluable, first as night nurse for our twins, then as daytime babysitter for twins and four year old during Covid. Genuinely caring, kind, didn't use screens (played with them, went outside)... she even bought some cute onesies for our babies!

Our 4 year old still misses her and it's been a month.  - Dad of Twins, Alexandria VA March 2020

I write to express extreme enthusiasm in recommending Minnie for overnight care. Minnie was with our baby daughter from the first week she was born until she was 4 months old and truly came to feel like family. It was clear to me she cared for H like one of her own—seeing her face each night when she arrived offered so much relief to new parents at the end of some very trying days.

She also expertly walked that very narrow path between advising from experience and being intrusive—I never felt judged and I routinely sought out her expertise on H’s ever-changing sleep and feeding needs. Many mornings I’d enter the nursery to Minnie singing to H or laughing and teaching her something new.

I seriously cannot say enough good things. Count yourself extremely lucky if you have the chance to let Minnie care for your baby. I know I do.

First time Mom, DC  June 2020 

We were very nervous the first night we used Let Mommy Sleep, which was only two days after coming home from the hospital. It's a scary thing to have a stranger stay in your house while you sleep and care for your seemingly very fragile baby! But we had absolutely no reason to be concerned. The level of service and how clearly the providers cared about our child quickly put us at ease.

Plus, all of the providers provide proof of vaccinations. This was an important requirement for us and the readiness of Denise and her team to provide this information made us much more comfortable with them.

If we ever have another baby we will definitely use Let Mommy Sleep again!

Virginia Emergency Physician and First Time Mom, Northern VA

May 2020

7/10/19, 12:17 PM
Stella was a phenomenal night nurse for our family.  So caring, so warm, extremely intuitive and friendly.  We hugged the minute we met and she immediately struck me as a natural care giver with a deep sense of what babies need.  Our baby was in the NICU the first 10 days of his life and we had never used a night nurse before. Stella was the perfect fit for our first time in home care experience. We recommend her very highly to any family - especially one coming off a traumatic experience.

We were very nervous the first night we used Let Mommy Sleep, which was only two days after coming home from the hospital. It's a scary thing to have a stranger stay in your house while you sleep and care for your seemingly very fragile baby! But we had absolutely no reason to be concerned. The level of service and how clearly the providers cared about our child quickly put us at ease.

Plus, all of the providers provide proof of vaccinations. This was an important requirement for us and the readiness of Denise and her team to provide this information made us much more comfortable with them.

If we ever have another baby we will definitely use Let Mommy Sleep again!

Virginia Emergency Physician and MomNorthern VA

Mom of Twins Alexandria VA


Brooklyn was amazing. Came in as I remember y’all from our last baby - in scrubs and with her clipboard to take notes for me, oozing with confidence and asking the right questions. I slept wonderfully and am so very grateful. She said everything went well and was easy. Excited to have her come back tonight. 
Thank you!!!
Arlington, VA

New MomPhiladephia area

Hi Rachel,

I am writing to give an overwhelmingly positive review for Kaitlyn.  She has been consistent, reliable, available, and dependable.  As new parents, it is difficult for us to leave our daughter in the hands of someone else. 

Thankfully, Kaitlyn has been so great with her that we have developed a great deal of trust in a relatively short period of time.  She is also very flexible with hours and scheduling.  I can't say enough good things about her, and I hope you find this feedback helpful.  Thanks so much and have a great day.

 Philadelphia 1st Time Dad of Twins Philadelphia 

My wife really connected with Kassancia. She really went above and beyond to help us and our daughter responded so well to her. We could really see the passion she has for children.

Dad of 1 Ashburn, VA

Washington DC

1st time MomAlexandria, VA

Minnie is so great! It is immediate that not only does she know her babies but she loves newborns too!

She immediately got Lena on a great schedule and transitioned her well to the crib. She has also given me great feedback on what Lena likes and doesn’t. It is so nice having someone awake in the room that can notice everything that is working and not working to get Lena sleeping. She provides wonderful feedback that adds to my confidence as a mother. I also love being able to feel confident that Lena is well taken care of so I can have nights with my husband to reconnect.

You guys have a wonderful service and Minnie is a wonderful baby nurse.

We really love Naomi! 

She has developed such a close bond with our daughter and we feel so comfortable with her.

She just knows what the baby needs and is so attentive.

Parents Upperville, VA

Brittany has been amazing. I wish we could just have her join our family! She has been so sweet and caring and is so on top of every little need. She has been a lifesaver! (first time parents)

Serifat and Christina were lifesavers during a time when I desperately needed advice and answers. Their background, experience, and personalities made me instantly comfortable. My baby is a high maintenance baby  - but he never once phased either of them. THANK YOU!

Mainline, PA

I would just like to take a moment to tell you how truly amazing the two nurses were who you sent to my home this week.  They were both so kind and gentle with [my baby], they put me right at ease.  Thank you so much!  We look forward to the weeks ahead.

Chevy Chase, MD

Just wanted to say again how wonderful Shannon has been! She shows up 10 minutes early every time and is just the sweetest person. We've really loved having her and feel so comfortable with her with our baby and in our home.  We have loved having her, and Elise too.

Alexandria, VA

I want to thank you for such and amazing service.  Amanda was exceptional and truly made the difference that we needed. She was a Godsend. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Rockville, MD

Testimonial from a sweet baby boy in Bethesda who had been cared for by our night nanny Shiro for 4 months. :)

Bethesda, MD 

Bethesda, MD

First of all, I want to say thank you for your support and for your team. You have a very experienced team. Every nurse has their own specialty and I liked them all. Everytime you sent a new person I got nervous but at the end I have learnt a lot from them all about how to help baby with her sleep and problems. Have to say, we have a wonderful experience with your team.

Also, in general, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you and your caregivers do!  I literally don’t know how I would cope with both kids with no husband and no sleep.  I wish I had known about you the first time around!  And Andrea has been absolutely amazing.  

I hear baby squawking, so I guess that’s my cue.


THANK YOU! We really love the team. They are so sweet and caring towards our girls. You have an amazing team!

Potomac, MD

Sonia & Minnie have helped me care for my newborn for the last 3 weeks. My husband and son have been able to sleep through the night with no interruptions which was our main goal as we transition to a family of 4 in a small house!  I’m breastfeeding so am still waking up, but with Sonia & Minnie’s help, I’ve had much more sleep than I would have had without them.  

My recovery has been fast- I believe in large part- bc I’ve had some good sleep.  They are punctual, intuitive, proactive, loving and trustworthy.  They are not afraid to stay a few extra minutes to finish something.  I will be forever grateful to these ladies and wish so much I had them when my first was born.  Best investment ever!

Silver Spring, MD

Sabrina was fantastic.

She has a calm, warm demeanor that put us and our newborn at ease, paired with deep knowledge of newborn care. We not only benefited from her care at night, but made use of her tips to care for our daughter during the day. She always arrived on time and fed our daughter shortly before she left so we got a very long break and one on one time with our toddler. I would recommend her to anyone seeking newborn care.

We are really blessed to have Gabi's help with our twins.  I do not want to even think about what it would be like without her assistance.  She is like part of the family. Gabi is thoughtful and genuinely cares about our boys and it reflects in how she takes care of them.  She also listens, is flexible, and courteous.

"Sonia did an amazing job with our son, and mommy finally got some much-needed rest! We wanted someone who was caring, but also listened to our instructions.

We found that Sonia was the perfect fit. She made the newborn thing look easy and helped us get the rest we so desperately needed. This is our caboose, but we will be referring all our friends to Let Mommy Sleep!"

THANK YOU! We really love the team- they are so sweet and caring toward our girls! You have amazing team!

I can’t say enough good things about Andrea, and really the whole process of working with Let Mommy Sleep.

I wish so much I had known about a night nurse when my first baby was born; it made life so much easier! She was my lifesaver, as she was my only consistent help with the baby while my husband was deployed. She was calm and comforting, and the baby just loved her. She provided advice to me on sleep training as Nora got closer to 3 months, and I was able to relax and get some much-needed rest knowing Nora was in safe and caring hands. She was also flexible with timing, was willing to come as frequently as I needed, and scheduling with her was very easy.

Even though the baby is sleeping better now, I wish she were still working with us!

Denise - I cannot thank you (and Anne) enough for such expert care. I have been so impressed, and feel so much better at work (and in life!) with uninterrupted sleep under my belt.

The students told me that the Newborn & Postpartum Care (HM02100-0-0010) class was so informative and the instructor was wonderful. It’s always great to hear rave reviews, just want to share this information with you.

Thank you again for sending Ariat to us a few weeks ago, she was a lifesaver!

Between the military's time committments and getting mastitis, I dont know how we would have managed without your help. Her stay made such a difference that I was actually able to sing and play with our son in the morning; something I hadn't had the energy to do in a while. It was magical.

(From a military mom in Bethesda, MD whose husband has been deployed since baby's birth. Our non-profit Mission Sleep provices free overnight newborn care for parents in this situation.)

Bethesda, MA

Thank you! Peyton was a huge help and it honestly worked out really well for me! She was truly wonderful

I know it's been a while (this time last year), but my husband and I were just reminiscing about what a year it's been, the ups and downs. I would be remiss if I didn't circle back and express our gratitude. A full year later we still refer to Kaitlyn as our angel and talk about how we used to wait at the door for her (literally).

While we felt extremely blessed for our son, it was a very challenging time as we didn't know how to handle a baby with colic.
We couldn't have made it through and been nurturing, loving parents to both of our children without the help/sleep Kaitlyn gave us. :) Oftentimes we don't always hear when people are satisfied with the end product, so I wanted to make a point to tell you that you and your team made an impression that will last a lifetime.

Hi Denise!
After my first day back at work I feel like a commercial for Holiday Inn Express--- I slept so well and I got a lot done!  Edith was great --- very caring. We have decided to continue!

Silver Spring, MD

Salamatu has been such a pleasure to work with & she so calm and patient with Emily. Especially through her illness.

Em is getting 6 hours sleep in her crib so we're comfortable ending our time with your company & Salamatu after tonight. Between the two of you, we've always felt we (& our baby) were in good hands. I'm so happy there's a company like yours around especially when managing the needs of 3 kids in the morning!

Capitol Hill, DC

Lindsay's performance was very professional and exceptional with [baby]... You have great RN in her, you can tell she has a passion for the kids and really loves what she does... Thank you very much, you have a fantastic group of employees and the service is better than advertised.

First time DadArlington

A big thanks for getting Beth to take care of our little baby L!  She was amazing!  And I got so much good sleep.

2nd Time MomDC

I have to say we are huge fans of Let Mommy Sleep. You're always ready to help, incredibly responsive and I recommend Let Mommy Sleep to all my friends with babies! You're always a pleasure to deal with.

2nd Time Mom

Thank you so much for sending Katherine last night. She was a tremendous help and let me and my wife get some much needed rest! We both feel so much more relaxed and comfortable now that we had some help at night while we are still learning what to do as new parents. Katherine was great with baby E. We look forward to seeing her again on Thursday.

First time DadDC

We love Brenda! She is so sweet and gentle. Best of all we got some sleep and she shared some great tips with us to ease S's reflux. My older daughter, who can take a while to warm up to people, was immediately comfortable around her when she saw her this morning. I am a big believer that kids have a sixth sense about people and obviously Brenda passed with flying colors.

3rd time MomAshburn, VA

Lisa has become like family to us. Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and my family.....you have been the greatest gift during this special but chaotic time! The twins are leaps and bounds from when they were in the NICU. Its hard for me to even remember going through those time. We most certainly could not have done it without you, Lisa, Ashley, and Let Mommy Sleep. Last night alone, Luke slept for 7 hours and Maura for 8....a true blessing!

Mom of TwinsFairfax, VA

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