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CDC updated info - Let Mommy Sleep Safety Protocols - Pregnancy & Postpartum Resources


Anxiety and Depression | anxiety-and-depression

Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression | What's the difference? 

Baby Feeding Log | baby-feeding-schedule.pdf

Baby Schedule: Sample 5-6 Month Old Schedule | Sample

Baby's Schedule: Sample 6-7 Month Old's Schedule | Sample

Baby's Schedule: Sample 10 Month Old's Schedule | Sample

Baby Sleep Cycles w/ graphic | Understanding-BRAC-w-graphic-v2011-1.pdf   

Back to Sleep | backtosleep.pdf

Benzocaine and Teething | Benzocaine-and-teething.pdf 

Breastfeeding Videos | What Good Drinking Looks like by Age

Breastfeeding | What size flange / breastshield do I use when pumping? 

Breast Pumps, Keeping them Clean | CDC Fact Sheet

Bulb Syringe | How to Use it on Baby

Burping a Baby Video | How to Burp a Baby

Car Seat Reviews | Consumer Affairs

Cerebral Palsy | Resources and Support

Choking | What to do if Baby is Choking

Circumcision | What are the Pros & Cons? 

Circumcision | Caring for Circumcised and Uncircumcised 

Cord Blood Banking | Why Bank Stem Cells? 

Crying | Why is Baby Crying?! part I

Crying | Why-babies-cry.pdf part II

Diapers | Cloth and Hybrid

Diaper Rash | How to Help and When to Call the Doctor

Eczema, Cradle Cap and Baby Acne | Baby Skin Conditions Explained

Family Leave Laws by State |  Maternity/Paternity Leave

Feeding: How Big is My Newborn's Stomach | Graphic with Measurements

Feeding: How Much Milk Should I Feed My Baby? | Video here

Feeding: How Much Formula Should I Feed? | Video Here 

Furniture: How to Anchor it Properly | Tips from the CPSC

GERD | What is it and How Can it be Soothed? 

Hats! | RN Rachelle shares why they shouldn't be worn to sleep

Hiring Help | Questions to Ask a Postpartum Doula or Night Nurse

Infant CPR & First Aid | Find a Class Here

Jaundice | Why it Happens and How to Help

Vitamin K Shot | Why Does My Baby Need It?

Labor & Birth Interventions | Epidurals, Anesthesia and Pain Meds

Language Milestones | Age Appropriate Speech & Language Milestones

Medical & Health Questions? |

Medication while Pregnant & Nursing? What Meds are safe? | NIH database of what's safe 

Meltdowns! How to Prevent Them | Preventing-Meltdown-v-2011-2.pdf  

Mylicon & Simethicone: Why Gas Drops Don't Work | mylicon.pdf

Nap Schedule - How to recognize the 90 minute sleep cycle | NAPS.pdf

PPD Facts and Local Resources |

Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues? | How to Know 

Quivering & Reflex Reactions | What's Normal and When to Call the Pediatrician

Reflux: How to Soothe Reflux

Safe Formula Prep | safeformulaprep.pdf

Safety: Babyproofing the Nursery | Creating a Safe Nursery

Self- Care| Creating a Postpartum Plan 

SIDS & Safe Sleep | What a Safe Sleep Environment looks like

"Sleeping Helping," Getting on the Road to Sleeping through the Night | 3 steps to help

Sleep for Parents | Meditation and Practical Tips

Swaddle, How To | Video here

Toddlers | Dealing with Tantrums

Toddlers | How to Wash a Wiggly Toddler's Hair

Twins: The 4 Things You Really Need | What to Expect

Tummy Time Video | TummyTime troubles Solved

Umbilical Cord Care | Do's and Dont's 

Vitamin D for Infants | Yes, your Breastfed Baby Needs Supplements

Weight Loss Calculator for Newborns |

Yeast Infections, or Thrush | What to Expect

Zantac | FDA Requests Removal of All Ranitidine Products (Zantac) from the Market