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Overnight Care

Overnight Newborn Care:

We've been caring for newborns and their parents since 2010!  A typical overnight is 10pm-7am. During this time our Nurses & Caregivers are feeding, changing, soothing and monitoring single babies & twins. Parents do not have to get up, unless they want to.

We carry all updated vaccinations and yearly flu shots and use an evidence-based approach to care. You can read our covid19 and safety protocols here.

While our model is to have a Registered Nurse in during the sensitive perinatal period and then step down to a Newborn Care Provider (sometimes called a postpartum doula), parents may choose to work solely with either level of care.

Our franchises are located in:

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In Home Postpartum Visits - 2 Hours

Baby Basics & Postpartum Classes: Virtual or In Your Home 

Registered Nurses educate expecting/new parents virtually or in-home. Classes have an unlimited number of guests so grandparents, nannies and anyone else caring for your infant is welcome to attend for no charge. 

Baby Basics class happens before baby arrives and Postpartum Visits happen after. The main difference is that during a Postpartum Visit, RN's provide head-to-toe mental and physical assessments of mother, partner and baby. Early intervention helps head off possible health problems and hospital readmissions.

Visits include evidence based education of:

  • Safe Sleep and minimizing SIDS risk
  • diapering, dressing, giving baby a bath
  • feeding support; breastfeeding, pumping, formula and bottle feeding
  • how to safely soothe baby, how to swaddle
  • basic first aide and maintaining a safe home
  • head to toe assessements of mother, baby and partner 

    Newborn Care Classes for Child Care Professionals:

    Did you know we wrote and teach the only Newborn Care Training Certificate awarded a government contract? Our classes are used by nanny agencies, at area pediatrician's offices and otehr newborn care providers across the country.

    Classes are taught Online at NewbornCareAcademy.Teachable.Com

    For a list of in-person classes please visit www.NewbornCareCertified.com.

    Parents are welcome to take these classes for free! Contact us for your promocode. 

    Corporate Services

    Corporate Services

    Recruit top talent and retain employees by offering our Postpartum Program at your company!

    This simple program allows employers to extend 2-Hour Home Visits by an RN or Overnight Baby Nurse care to expecting and new parents.  Our program was featured on TODAY.com and Parents Magazine and is currently used by Inova Employee Benefits Program serving over 200 companies. 


    Sleep Registry & Gift Certificates

    Sleep Registry & Gift Certificates:

    The innovative, practical and green alternative to the traditional baby registry…The Sleep Registry™!

    Like a customary baby registry, loved ones contribute to your account online. Unlike a traditional registry, funds contributed are used to purchase something truly needed...hours of SLEEP!