Problems and Solutions for Baby Monitor Smartphone Apps

By Let Mommy Sleep. November 4, 2013

In this digital age of parenting, baby monitor apps for smartphones are quickly gaining ground, but are they safe? One story from the DailyTech shares how a baby monitor was hacked and the perpetrator swore at the child! The main concern with anything wireless is that the signal can be sniffed and, because of default passwords or other carelessness, the miscreant can hijack the signal and view all the traffic on the network.  Here are some simple things you can do to ensure the security of your little one:

Reflux or Gassy Baby? It could actually be Tongue Tie!

By Let Mommy Sleep. October 16, 2013

While there are four types of tongue-tie in babies, tongue-tie –or baby being born with a slightly limited range of motion in the tongue- is rarely serious.  Additionally, it is much more common than generally thought.  And while tongue-tie is typically very easy to fix, it does lead to frustrating feeds because baby is not able to get a strong latch on breast or bottle.

The Truth About Breastfeeding to Sleep

By Let Mommy Sleep. September 29, 2013

When parents ask Heidi Streufert, RN, CLC if it's okay to let their baby fall asleep at the breast, she usually responds, "I dare you to try to keep them awake!" 

"But seriously," says Heidi. "I typically tell them that newborns will fall asleep while breastfeeding, and not only is this okay, but they will soon discover that the breast is a wonderful tool- nursing is so much more than a way to feed our babies!"