"Real" Developmental Milestones

By Let Mommy Sleep. July 28, 2013

As new parents we all live for developmental smiles at 6 weeks, start solids around 4-5 months, etc. We even research age related markers in the womb ("Look honey, she's the size of a kidney bean this week!") As time goes on, we realize that us PARENTS have milestones too.

Environmental Hazards and Your Child's Health

By Let Mommy Sleep. July 22, 2013

Children are routinely exposed to environmental hazards where their live, work and play; i.e., in their homes, schools, work places for adolescents, and their yards, parks, playgrounds and other recreational locations.  Parents often wonder about the environment’s effect on the health of their children.  Where can parents find unbiased and reliable information on environmental toxins and their effects on children?