The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

Choking First Aid for Infants

Choking is a common cause of injury and death in children and while this is scary, the good news is that choking is usually preventable. Learn about choking prevention here and be prepared to help baby by understanding choking first aid:

Crying it Out – A Parent’s Edition

One of the questions every parent of multiples gets asked is: “What do you do when the babies cry at the same time?” Below is a real answer from Denise Stern, whose newborn twins arrived when her baby boy was just 17 months old:

I will never forget when my sweet-natured 22 month- old son had night terrors and my twin infants were 4 months old; still teeny girls getting up overnight to eat. One night after soothing my son back to sleep, he got out of his toddler bed and inadvertently locked himself in his room. When he realized what had happened, he started screaming with fright. Naturally, this was the exact moment the twins loudly awakened for their 1am feeding.

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Welcome to Our Blog…

Having been invited into the homes of hundreds of families since Let Mommy Sleep opened our doors, one thing has become very apparent. Many ideas the public takes as givens in baby care are just plain wrong. Conventional wisdom from well-meaning older parents, updated medical studies and the marketing machine that plays on parents’ worries make it difficult for new parents to separate truth from fiction. On top of that, we can pretty much all agree that once babies arrive, the more research we’ve done the more confused we feel.

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