The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Your First Night Home: Newborn Sleep

Updated Feb 1, 2022- One of the great joys we have here at Let Mommy Sleep is transitioning first time parents home from the hospital with their newborns.  This blog, Your First Night Home with Baby: Newborn Sleep, is the first of our three part series, “Your First Night Home with Baby,” and answers our most […]

Newborn Breathing Patterns: What’s Normal?

Many new parents become focused on their newborn’s breathing. “He just stopped breathing for 8 seconds… is that normal?” “She was breathing regularly, then started breathing really fast… is she okay?” It’s completely normal to have these worries, as it is frightening to see your little one stop breathing for any length of time. So […]

What Foods Should Be Avoided When Breastfeeding?

A question LMS nurses are often asked is, “What foods should I stay away from when breastfeeding?”  The answer?  NONE. We explain in What Foods Should Be Avoided When Breastfeeding? How Does What I Ingest Affect My Baby? Probably because we’re always searching for reasons why baby is crying so we can fix it, conventional […]

Newborn Care Class: For You and Your Family

Birthing classes cover what to expect during labor and delivery but what about when you bring baby home? Newborn Care Class: For You and Your Family, also called Baby Basics can take place in your home or virtually. Our Night Nurses (RN) teach and support all things infant from common feeding issues to swaddling how-to’s […]

The NoClock Nursing Method

Brand new nursing moms get a LOT of advice and with so much talk of how long and how much a newborn should be breastfeeding, the No Clock Method might sound a little crazy! But as Heidi Streufert, RN and former La Leche League Leader explains, “My best advice to postpartum parents is to throw […]