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Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities for women, veterans and small business

#GrantOpps for Moms, Military Families & Entrepreneurs

For small businesses and individuals, grant opportunities can be the crucial tool to grow or even be the key to getting started and while the offers are out there, accessibility can be an issue with grants that are difficult to find, located behind paywalls or require a grant writer for complicated paperwork. We continually comb through available grants that have have free or very low-cost ($25) application fees and focus on families of healthcare workers, moms, veterans and entrepreneurs of color, who face systemic barriers and racial inequities.

You can see them all below and search #grantopps on Twitter for ongoing opportunities without barriers to entry.

Grant Opportunities for women, veterans and small business

James Beard Foundation 

Who can apply?  Any food service business with 50 or fewer employees that is 51% or more owned by Black, Indigenous or Persons of Color.

When is the deadline? Sept 7

How do I apply? Visit the James Beard Foundation or the link specifcially for Indigenous Owned food service businesses.

Funding is intended to provide: Relief for immediate operating expenses in order to keep their owners from going out of business, especially with challenges faced during the COVID19 crisis.

IFund Women  

Who can apply?  Any female entrepreneur who is solving a compelling problem in an innovative way.

When is the deadline? Sept 20, 2021

How do I apply? Visit IFundWomen for full application.

Funding is intended to: “Award to a female entrepreneur to recognize outstanding business growth and impact on product markets. In addition to making an equity investment in the prize winner’s company, the funding source will afford selected honorees with the opportunity to compete for monetary prizes and coaching assistance.”

Coalition to Back Black Businesses Grant:

Who can apply? Black-owned businesses in economically vulnerable communities.  Applicants may be eligible for Enhancement grants of up to $25,000. Businesses must be located in an economically vulnerable community, defined as any zip code not in the top 20% of zip codes in the United States. 

When is the deadline? Sept 30, 2021 

How do I apply? Visit the US Chamber’s We Back Black Businesses website. Applicants will need to complete an interest form and then the application.  

Funding is intended to provide: $5,000  to alleviate the adverse financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to a cash grant, applicants will also be invited to participate in a coaching platform.

Gold Start Home Program

Support to families of service members who have been killed while serving the country by giving a mortgage-free home to surviving spouses with young children. 

Who can apply?  

1. Family of a U.S. Military Service Member killed in action in a combat zone or killed during authorized training.
2. At least one of the surviving children is 16 years of age or younger.
3. If Service Member and surviving parent were married, they cannot have been divorced or separated at the time of death. Surviving parent of the service member’s child(ren) is not currently remarried, engaged, or cohabitating.

When is the deadline? Ongoing

How do I apply? Visit

GrantOpps for Single Moms:

Who can apply?  Any single mother in need of finanicial help. 

When is the deadline? ongoing; grants are awarded as needed

How do I apply? Visit the links at Wealthy Single Mommy. Applicants will need to complete a Google form and link to a social media account to prove they’re a real person. 

Funding is intended to provide: Immediate relief for single mothers experiencing financial hardship. It really is that simple!

Amber Foundation (WomensNet):

Who can apply?  Any business that is at least 50% women owned in the US and Canada

When is the deadline? ongoing; grants are awarded each month

How do I apply? Visit this site

Funding is intended to provide:

$10,000 per month to help businesses and non-profits expand or reach their organizational goals.

Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation:

Who can apply?  Any female owned business in operation for 3+ years and grossing a minimum of $100k per year.  

When is the deadline? April 15, 2021

How do I apply? Visit this site

Funding is intended to provide:

$20,000 to further the business as well as “capacity-building training sessions and opportunities to connect with an unparalleled global network to advance their enterprises.”

Black Ambition Prize: 

From the website: “Black Ambition is a non-profit initiative working to close the opportunity and wealth gap through entrepreneurship. We invest capital and resources in high-growth startups founded by Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. We believe entrepreneurs historically left out of traditional investment funnels are building the companies of tomorrow.”

Who can apply?  Black and Latino/a Founders 

When is the deadline? Feb 18, 2021

How do I apply?

Funding is intended to provide:

Growth capital, pitch feedback, and mentorship in the categories of Consumer Products and Services, Design, Healthcare or Technology

Rural Small Businesses: $20,000 Grants 

Funding fromLocal Initiatives Support Corporation to support rural small businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic, particularly those in underserved communities, including entrepreneurs of color, women and veteran-owned businesses.

Who can apply?  Small business owners serving rural communities, “rural” defined as serving 50,000 residents or less who have been impacted by COVID19.

When is the deadline? January 5, 2021 and another round on February 2, 2021

How do I apply?

Funding is intended to provide:

  • help with immediate operational costs such as rent and utilities, payroll, and outstanding debt
  • relief to those serving underserved communities, including entrepreneurs of color, women- and veteran-owned businesses that often lack access to flexible, affordable capital

Our Military Kids

Grants of $300 per child to cover extracurricular activities, tutoring or camps.

Who can apply?  Military families with children age 3 -18 who have a deployed or recovering parent

When is the deadline? Ongoing

How do I apply?

Funding is intended to provide:

  • up to 6 months of the child’s extracurricular activity
  • no eligible child has ever been turned away
  • daycare, mission trips and school tuition are not elible expenses

Brave of Heart Fund

Who can apply?  Family members of healthcare workers & volunteers who have lost their lives fighting COVID19.

When is the deadline? May 15, 2021

How do I apply?

Funding is intended to provide:

  • basic and immediate expenses such as funeral costs
  • food, housing payments
  • medical care, counseling
  • educational expenses of children and other dependents currently in school, and living expenses. 

Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE)

Who can apply? 

  • Honorably discharged women veterans of any military branch and service era
  • Active- duty women service members of any military branch
  • Spouses/same-sex partners of above (including widowed spouses/partners)
  • Participants must be able to complete the online component of the program and be able to travel to one of the mandatory conferences.

When is the deadline? Ongoing consideration

How do I apply?

Funding is intended to give USA female veterans and female military spouses or partners an opportunity to attend a small business management and entrepreneurship program. The program aim is to equip eligible women with the skills they need to successfully develop and grow a business venture.

Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) is a premier training program in entrepreneurship and small business management. V-WISE helps women veterans and female military spouses/partners find their passion and learn the business savvy skills necessary to turn an idea or start-up into a growing venture.

Giving Joy

Grants of $100 – $500 are given 4 times per year. Grant money is raised from the Giving Joy website which purchases handmade jewelry and goods from independent artisans around the world. The sale of these one-of-a kind items finances the grants that are awarded to other female entrepreneurs…an incredible social-enterprise cycle!

Who can apply? 

  • Female Individuals, small businesses, for-profit and non-profit entities
  • Applicants from any field are encouraged to apply: education, the environment, promoting democracy, healthcare, cooking, etc. 
  • Your business/organization/idea must have an impact on women, girls and families.
  • Applicants may only apply once per cycle. 

When is the deadline? Dec 31, 2020, April 30, 2021 and Aug 31, 2020

How do I apply?

This list will be continually updated…check back soon for more opportunities!

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