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Early #PrimeDay2020 Baby Gear Deals!


Prime Day 2020 is this Tuesday AND Wednesday! Follow us on Facebook for all the baby gear deals, but for now here are the early access deals that matter to new parents!

Prime Day 2020 is this Tuesday Oct 13 AND Wednesday Oct 14. Follow us on Facebook and IG for all the baby gear deals in real time, but for now scroll through a few early deals that matter to new parents and their babies…diapers, baby food, Baby Jogger, and more! 

So far the best deals we’ve found are the Amplim Touchless Thermometer at 57% off ($25.96) and the Ruvalino Diaper Backpack for 54% off ($37), but here are other good early deals:

We’ll be live-posting all the best prices on Tuesday and Wednesday but please let your fellow newborn and baby gear deal-seekers know what you’ve found on Facebook! 

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