The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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#BabyTipoftheDay: 100 Tips from RN’s and Newborn Experts!

#BabyTipoftheDay: 100 Tips from RN’s and Newborn Experts! is one piece of advice shared for the next 100 days of the excellent tips we’ve collected over the past 10 years here at Let Mommy Sleep. Our team has provided over 2 million hours of newborn care and education, and while we’ve shared a LOT of advice during that time, we’ve also received tips, tricks and education about babies, pregnancy and postpartum health from community leaders in parenting, pediatricians and mental health experts.

We’re taking all this advice as well as contributions from our partners and subject matter experts, and sharing one specific baby tip every day for the next 100 days. Every day we’ll post a helpful, actionable tip you can use to make life as a new parent a little bit easier.  Contributors include our Registered Nurses and Newborn Caregivers, IBCLC’s, working moms and dad, first responders, maternal health leaders, and more.  Our community of experts has also contributed so much helpful advice over the years and this will be highlighted as as well. Topics that don’t immediately come to mind such as estate planning from a family attorney, dental health or creating postpartum boundaries will also be shared.

Here’s an example:

The Dreamfeed- In this video, RN Noelle explains how to actually do this later night feed and how “dreamfeeding” can benefit your baby and family. After watching this tip a viewer will be in expert too!

Our goal is the same as it always is- to provide actionable, evidence-based advice on the care of newborns and postpartum parents. We’ll post all the tips here at and you can follow #BabyTipoftheDay on your social media of choice; Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

And if you have a tip, please let us know! We love to share the expertise of others in parenting, early child care, sleep help and the community.

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