Gov't Approved Newborn Baby Care Classes Now Online:

By Let Mommy Sleep. January 12, 2019

Online Newborn and Postpartum Care Classes available now!

Due to overwhelming demand, our Newborn and Postpartum Care classes are now online at Teachable ( The content is the same material approved and taught through Fairfax County via government contract award and is also taught across the country.

Cost: $199 and once registered, users have access to the information forever, across all devices. Course can be taken one at a time or all at once on the users own schedule. 

This class is tailored to expecting parents, nannies and those caring for newborns and infants, age 0-6 months old. 

Topics include:

  • Diapering and bathing baby
  • Circumcision and Cord Care
  • swaddling and soothing baby during fussy times
  • Mother care after birth
  • Mother's and Partner's well being after birth
  • SIDS and Baby Safety in the Home, Car and Nursery
  • Feeding Support (breast and bottle).

And much more.  

As the industry leaders in night nurse, baby nurse (RN), night nanny and newborn care since 2010, we are thrilled to make this course available worldwide!