Let Mommy Sleep Advocacy on Capitol Hill :

By admin-denise. May 11, 2017

My team and I visited Capitol Hill to lobby about the importance of postpartum care, specifically in support of H.R. 34 – the 21st Century Cures Act, “Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows” and the need to continue to recognize postpartum issues.  Going hand in hand with this is also the need to have qualified professionals recognizing and helping those struggling in the postpartum phase. 

Like everyone who works in mother/baby care, we’ve known for years here at Let Mommy Sleep that early support and intervention just home from baby’s birth are the key to keeping mothers healthy, parents confident and babies safe.  The data in support of even one 2 hour postpartum visit also shows cost effective benefits across the board. 

These early days home with baby are when everyone is at their most vulnerable and by visiting parents just home from the hospital, Registered Nurses, Lactation Consultants and other trained providers head off issues before they become problems. We troubleshoot breastfeeding challenges before they snowball into an issue that makes mom quit nursing.  We identify postpartum depression versus baby blues before it spirals into darkness and we share evidence based safety and newborn care.  We also help parents see that not only are they “good enough” for their baby, they are amazing!

In a political climate that has become extreme, we remain a nonpartisan company that supports all families trying to do their best just as we did in 2014 with President Obama’s Summit for Working Families, as we will do on the Hill and as our night nurses continue to do in homes every night. 

If you would like to support maternal health, learn about active legislation in your state and speak up for families, visit the March for Moms.

-Denise Stern

CEO, Let Mommy Sleep