Our Nurses' Favorite Sites for New Parents :

By Let Mommy Sleep. May 7, 2017

Most new and expecting parents have their go-to websites for information about pre-natal, newborn or infant care. While families’ primary care physicians should always give the final answer on medical and advice questions, below are 6 of our favorite evidence-based websites and videos to help parents from the trying to conceive phase to the early days with baby.

LactMed Database

The National Institute for Health’s LactMed Database tells nursing mothers which medications are safe to take while breastfeeding and which are not. For mothers given medications unexpectedly after birth or as a result of pregnancy related anxiety or depression, this database names safe alternatives to medications which may be contraindicated during nursing.                                                   

The International Breastfeeding Centre’s Breastfeeding Videos:

The IBC library has instructional videos to help nursing mothers with early breastfeeding. Demonstrations of what good drinking looks like, how to distinguish “nibbling” from efficient nursing or how to tube feed are just a few examples.

Up To Date  

Up to Date is evidence based education aimed at medical professionals and clinicians but is accessible to laypersons for no charge. Simply use their search box to enter in a topic and every study and data based evaluation will appear.  This is the site to use when you want an in-depth description of why and how an issue arises, and how to help.

A search for “infant reflux” for example will yield a basic clinical explanation but then further list 24 data points including why reflux happens, different types of reflux, how to manage and much more.  

Demonstrations of “The Five S’s” and “The Hold”

The Five S’s from Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, “The Happiest Baby on the Block” are a soothing technique that’s been used all over the world.  When it comes to implementing the technique though, it can be confusing to know when to swaddle, how to “shhh,” and how to safely “swing”, “sway” and have baby in “side-lying” position. This video shows exactly how and when to use the five s’s.    

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton is a hero to many with over 28 million YouTube views of the calming hold he uses on babies in his own practice. This video shows exactly how the Doctor himself helps babies relax and feel calm.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Zika Virus

The risk of Zika has gotten marginally better  over the past year but awareness is still needed.  The CDC’s Zika Virus pages are updated daily with geographical risk areas, prevention tips and safety information. In addition to the incredible amount of other health information on the CDC site, these pages are the most current resource for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive with questions about Zika.

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