The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to baby through the night.

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Newborn and Postpartum Care Training Classes- What are they?


Let Mommy Sleep offers the only Newborn & Postpartum Care Training Classes awarded a Governemnt Contract 

With so many options of infant care training, it can be hard to know what classes are worth taking and which have been vetted by nursing professionals. Let Mommy Sleep’s newborn & postpartum care courses are the only one of their kind with third party medical and governmental oversight. Here’s what that means:

What you’ll learn: Basic overview and evidence based education for caregivers and parents caring for newborns age 0-3 months, including: diapering, swaddling, postpartum care of parents, SIDS safety, breast and bottle feeding, care of twins and more. Prepares home-based caregivers to assist new mothers. Ideal for Certified Nursing Assistants, Patient Care Tech’s, LPNs, Nannies and Au Pairs working with home care agencies or private duty.  Students receive certificate of completion from Fairfax County upon successful completion of this course.  Classes taught by the Registered Nurses of Let Mommy Sleep.

The class is part of the Home Health Aide Certificate Program.

Who is this certificate program for?

The classes are appropriate for: Au-pairs, child care providers, night nurses, daycare facility workers, night nannies, CNAs, Practical Nurses, Home Health Aides and nannies of newborns and infant twins. 

Why do you offer this class? 

Unless one is a Registered Nurse, there is currently no recognized certification or meaningful coursework offered for those wishing to study the care of newborns and infants age 0-6 months old. We also feel there should be a recognized baseline of skills for caregives in this population and this certificate is the first step to nationwide certification.

How is this different from “Newborn Care Specialist” classes I’ve seen?

  1. The NCP certificate program is the only newborn care program in the country awarded and backed by a government contract. The contract was awarded by Fairfax County in 2015 and is overseen by the County’s Health & Medical Program’s team. The courses are offered as part of the Home Health Aide program. 
  2. Additionally, NCP is backed by the prestigious Northern VA Community College Medical Education Campus team as part of the Certified Nurses Aide program. NVCC is accredited at the national level by a variety of specialized programmatic accreditors such as The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 
  3. Courses offered by unaccredited private companies or “newborn care academies” have no relevant third party, clinical or governmental oversight.

Do I have to be a student to take these courses?  

No. The Fairfax Co. classes are open to anyone on a 1 time only basis.

Can I just take a class at my local hospital or birthing center?   

Birthing classes and new parent classes are intended for expectant parents intending to give birth at that facility.  They are not typically aimed at caregivers. 

Register with Fairfax County now, or for more information, please visit NewbornCareCertified.Com

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