A message from Denise Stern:

LMS President Denise Stern

After seeing 3 different doctors on 7 different occasions, my husband and I found out we were having twins. The joy was rivaled very much by nervousness. My son would be 17 months old when the girls were born, still a baby himself. How would we care for all 3 children? How would I be able to recover from childbirth? How was Jeremy going to be able to function at work? Would we be sleep deprived forever?

Of course, you don’t have to have multiples to know what sleep deprivation is.

We searched everywhere but just could not find anyone to help with those difficult nights. Finally, we found help. On our first night with her, it felt like my family had received our own personal angel. Over the weeks, having our night nanny truly enabled me to heal, be a better mom and wife, and a healthier person.

Since starting Let Mommy Sleep, I have been honored to be an advocate for new parents. I founded Mission Sleep, our non-profit that provides free care to military and first responder families where one parent is deployed, wounded or deceased and our overnight newborn care services have received support from both sides of the aisle with appearances on media such as the FoxNews Channel, and as the only newborn care rep serving the White House Summit for Working Families hosted by the President & Mrs. Obama. Let Mommy Sleep also received the honor of 2013’s featured woman-owned business by US Chamber of Commerce.

LMS also now holds a government contract to teach newborn care in Fairfax Co., and our courses are also taught at Northern VA Community College. We not only have the best team in the business, but now our RN’s teach future newborn caregivers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Let Mommy Sleep. Our goal is to allow our families to thrive, not just survive.