Top 4 Apps for New Parents:

By Let Mommy Sleep. August 25, 2017

The AAP recommends holding off on screens for baby for 2 years but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of your smartphone! These are our Top 4 Apps to make life easier with baby:

Amazon Prime App - Everyone’s heard of Amazon of course, but did you know that the App offers 2 hour grocery delivery? You’ll never be without baby essentials! For parents of newborns -especially twins- grocery and baby gear delivery also means never having to take baby out in large crowds where everyone seems to be sneezing or coughing.  

Plus Amazon has the lowest prices on diapers!   If you want to take this even further, get an Echo and simply tell it to order from Prime…done and done!

MommyMeds App - A common question we get from moms is “Can I take my allergy meds while I’m pregnant or nursing?” The answer is usually yes but this App allows you to look up every medication to see if it’s safe to take while pregnant or nursing.

You can search by name or by scan the barcode of any OTC or prescribed medications. MommyMeds will tell you if it’s safe and what top take instead if it’s not.  

White Noise Apps such as Relax Melodies -  White noise helps babies sleep soundly by drowning out sounds that might otherwise keep you awake. This one’s a no-brainer. But white noise also helps adults. If you’re ever having trouble getting and staying asleep, even when you’re tired, a try white noise App.

The Wonder Weeks – While it’s of course true that all babies are different, the fact is that biologically, they’re also all kind of the same too.  The development of melatonin production for example takes 9-12 weeks making baby’s nap times erratic. Wonder Weeks breaks down milestones, typical behavior and mental development week by week for an average baby.

This App is a must have because the rule of thumb with babies is, “Just when you think you have it figured out…everything changes!”

What Apps do you find helpful? Please let us and your fellow parents know on Twitter or Facebook!


photo courtesy of @firmbee on Unsplash